UK Government Confirms Divorce law reforms in England and Wales

UK government confirms divorce law reform in England and Wales

Divorce laws in England and Wales are set to change in April 2022, to a faultless based procedure.

The reforms have come about from senior members of the judiciary and family lawyers advocating for change, citing that the current divorce laws are out of touch with modern life and propose the removal of blame from the divorce process entirely.

The current divorce process dedicates itself predominately towards petitioners subscribing themselves to a specified fault-based fact. The other two non-fault based facts are based on a lapse of time between both parties date of separation and commencing divorce proceedings. Accordingly, the five facts which petitioners of divorce can base their divorce petition on currently are:

  1. Adultery
  2. Unreasonable behaviour
  3. Desertion
  4. 2 years separation with consent
  5. 5 years separation without consent

The new divorce process enables couples to remove fault entirely from the process. This is in the hope that couples can concentrate less on blaming the other party for the reason of the breakdown in the marriage and focus largely on settling the terms of divorce without getting swamped into long-winded, acrimonious legal battles in Court. Many family legal experts have also advocated that this will help retain parties respect and honour within the relationship, without holding either person accountable, and could ease some of the stress and pain that couples often endure during the divorce. Couples will also have the option to apply for divorce jointly, which will further decrease animosity between divorcing parties.

The new divorce process allows couples to completely eliminate errors in the process.
The new divorce process allows couples to completely eliminate errors in the process.

EP Legal UK welcome this positive change in divorce legislation in England and Wales and are happy to assist anyone who may be looking to petition for divorce in the future.

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