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Dispute resolution

EP Legal has many years of experience in assisting our clients in both domestic and overseas disputes with value up to millions of dollars. Our lawyers specialize in high value, high stakes, complex litigation and arbitration, with a particular expertise in multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our experience includes the full spectrum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms ranging from negotiation, mediation, conciliation and conflict resolution to vigorous courtroom strategy, multi-party and class action lawsuits and appellate proceedings. In particular, our dispute resolution and litigation lawyers can both prevent and resolve disputes by providing clients with practical, creative legal advice that focuses on their strategic and commercial objectives, minimizing uncertainty and risks and achieving the optimal negotiated, mediated or litigated outcome for clients.

We cover various legal basis, jurisdictions, arbitral forum and work under multiple laws; rules of ICC, VIAC, PIAC, and SIAC. With our depth of experience in every type of dispute, we are able to bring the necessary expertise to bear in any situation. Disputes will be quickly and commercially resolved while retaining the clients’ reputation and business relationships.

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Our range of services

Mediation: The mediators of EPLegal are dedicated to finding creative solutions in commercial mediation matters, so that the parties may quickly and amicably put their dispute behind them;

Arbitration: Our solicitors are outstanding advocates in commercial arbitration, most are well – known practitioners. We act as counsel for both claimants and respondents in various arbitration forums and institutions such as VIAC, SIAC, ICC, GATT, HKIAC, etc.;

Litigation & Enforcement: Our scope includes advising legal and factual issues for a potential litigation; preparing pre-action paperwork and filing claims; representing clients at trials; assist clients in enforcing tribunal awards and/or court decisions.

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EP Legal’s solicitors are familiar with the following type of disputes:

  • Commercial disputes, including leases and possession claims
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Personal injuries
  • Construction
  • Commercial frauds

For dispute cases please contact Tony Nguyen.