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Companies sometimes fall foul of the extensive regulatory requirements that are in place in the UK. We have extensive experience in these area’s and have staff members qualified to go to the Crown Court on your behalf. Dealing in-house enables us to pass on the saving of not instructing a separate Barrister for your case. Our other major department is the Criminal Department. We hope you never need this part of the film, but we are here. It is true to say that just because you have done something wrong, it doesn’t make you guilty. We can go to the police station with you. This can be a free service.

We have attended many police stations’ where the Police have confiscated cash in the belief that it’s the proceeds of crime. Taking someone who knows the law in the area, often leads to a satisfactory outcome and the return of the funds. We can also attend Court with you if needed. Legal Aid is available to cover these services and we will advise you as to how to apply. We also have 5 expert Solicitors dealing with motoring law. If you receive a notice from the police asking you who the driver of a vehicle was it’s well worth having a talk to us as a wrong answer at this point may make you guilty, even if you are not. The sooner you talk to us the easier it is for us to help.

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UK criminal law

Our criminal lawyers have over 80 years of combined experience and enjoy an excellent reputation in cases, whether relating to general crime, financial services investigations, serious fraud, money laundering, offences under the Bribery Act, health and safety investigations or internal and corporate investigations.

We can also attend at the Police Station for free – just ask for Warwick Vesey Solicitors and regardless of what the police say, we will be there within 45 minutes to help you in an interview. If you are asked to go in, we can meet you and go in with you.

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Legal aid in the Magistrates is subject to a means test by the Government if you pass it’s free. We can still help you if you fail the means test as we can assist in other ways, which we can advise you on. If there is no legal aid available, then we can provide you with a reasonable fixed price to deal with your matter. We accept payment in full or in structured payments.

For criminal enquiries, please contact our team member, Ian Vesey, who will be happy to take your call for further information and guidance: