Challenge in UK vaccine strategy with Delta variant

Delta variant

The UK is relying on vaccines to fight against Delta variant, and their success or failure will be a valuable lesson for the world in the fight against the dangerous COVID-19 epidemic.

This past April, the UK escaped one of the strictest and strictest blockades in the world, so UK citizens believe they have the worst in this COVID-19 pandemic. .

But the time of reopening to the daily activities of British people seems to be too far away.

Although nearly two-thirds of adults in the UK have been vaccinated with enough doses, the country is at risk of the appearance of a third COVID wave. Nearly 120,000 new infections were recorded last week, an increase of 48,000 more than last week. In particular, there are growing concerns that schools may become a reservoir for virus transmission.

This past April, the UK escaped one of the strictest and strictest blockades in the world
This past April, the UK escaped one of the strictest and strictest blockades in the world

Hospitalizations and deaths are rising again, but at a relatively slow pace, showing the benefits of getting a full dose of vaccines but also highlighting the unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the UK has now become an important test to help the world evaluate the battle between vaccines and mutations, the first example of a large country with a high vaccination rate is dealing with the situation. spike in infections with the highly contagious virus without imposing new restrictions.

The impact of vaccines in the UK is clear. People who are hospitalized and spread the virus are mostly at a younger age than in the past, so it is more likely that they have not received two doses of the vaccine.

A study by Public Health England (PHE) published this month found that both the Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines were highly effective, at 96% and 92%, respectively, at preventing the risk of infection. hospital after two full doses

However, some countries are still extremely cautious, starting to impose stricter control rules on people coming from the UK in an effort to prevent the Delta strain from entering: Germany last week opened its borders to Foreign tourists are fully vaccinated but the UK is not on the list. The Hong Kong Special Zone yesterday made a similar move, classifying the UK as “extremely risky” locations.

The Delta variant currently causes most of the new infections in the UK. Faced with the danger of the Delta mutation, experts in the UK are urging the government and the community to change the perception of Covid-19.

As the virus is spreading rapidly to younger age groups, experts are urging authorities to focus their control strategies on a new target: Schools.

The Department for Education said that in public schools, one in 30 students missed school for a Covid-19-related reason in the second week of June, up from 1/83 the week before. .

“We need to refocus our entire strategy on minimizing transmission,” Gurdasani said. “All countries need a long-term focus on masks and ventilators as well as on strategies to combat the outbreak when they break out.”


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